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The homepage provides a general introduction about who I am, what I do and what I like

All lot of information and pictures of my 1950 Beetle and 2000 New Beetle.

Some pictures of my 1994 Honda VFR-750F

Some pictures of my 2004 Mazda 6 Executive (136bhp diesel)

Overview of my work experiences
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The photo gallery contains pictures of holidays, cars, etc...

Overview and downloads of some of my private software projects.

Personal information, such as my address, phonenumber, etc...
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I am a Dutch guy born at April 21, 1973 in Enschede (the Netherlands). After having finished a study Software Engineering at the HIO Enschede in 1994 I studied one year Computer Science at the University of Twente. I moved to Utrecht when I was 23 years old. In December 2001 I moved back to Enschede after having lived in Utrecht for 5 years. Now I live in the centre of Enschede, which is quite convenient. This homepage will give a brief introduction about who I am and what I do. The site is full of information about my work and my hobbies.


ICT Solutions B.V.

Since June 1995, I work for the ICT Groep. The ICT groep is specialized in hiring IT-professionals to other companies or to perform complete projects in-house. The company is listed at the Dutch stock exchange (AEX).

I am specialized in developing applications for the Microsoft Windows platform in all its varieties. I started with the ancient 16-bit applications, moved on to 32-bit and right now it's .NET. Most (distributed) applications also utilize other Microsoft products, such as IIS, SQL Server, ..., so I have great experience with these tools as well.

Refer to my Curriculum Vitae for information what I've done in the past. It's an HTML-based copy of the CV which I normally use, so it's only available Dutch.


Music collection

I am one of the lucky people, who could make a living from his hobby. Computers are not my only interest, though. One of my greatest passions are the early air-cooled Volkswagens, like the Beetle. Driving a motorcycle is also a hobby of mine. I also play squash a few times a week with some friends of mine. Skiing is also great, but that's a bit hard to do, when you live in The Netherlands, so I only go skiing for one or two weeks a year.

I also like to go out to a pub or disco with some friends. In Utrecht the "De Vingerhoed" and "De Beurs" are my favorites and in Enschede I often go to "De Kater".

I spend a lot of time on the road and behind a computer, where I listen to a lot of music. I've got a very broad taste of music from Abba to ZZ top. Most albums have already been converted to MP3 format, so I can listen to them when I am at work as well.

VW New Beetle

I got my first car, when I started working for ICT back in 1995. It was a red Ford Escort, but it was replaced by a red VW Polo in January 1996. During that time, the first prototype of the "Concept 1" (now known as the New Beetle) was already shown to the public in Detroit. I fell in love with the car instantly and I wanted to have one. I ordered mine in in October 1999. A black 1951 Beetle was purchased earlier the same year, so I ordered a black New Beetle so it would look nice next to the other. February 26th, 2000 the New Beetle arrived. It is great fun and a great car to drive. More information about both cars can be found in the My Volkswagens section of this website. After almost four years the New Beetle became too old and it was replaced by a another car. I now drive a gray Mazda 6 Sportwagen. A car that handles great, but doesn't have the looks of the New Beetle.


For privacy reasons I've only listed my Internet address. If you need my normal address leave me an e-mail or visit the private section (you'll need a username/password to access that).

Mail-address: mail@ramondeklein.nl
MSN account: RamonDeKlein@hotmail.com