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The homepage provides a general introduction about who I am, what I do and what I like

All lot of information and pictures of my 1950 Beetle and 2000 New Beetle.

Some pictures of my 1994 Honda VFR-750F

Some pictures of my 2004 Mazda 6 Executive (136bhp diesel)

Overview of my work experiences
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The photo gallery contains pictures of holidays, cars, etc...

Overview and downloads of some of my private software projects.

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I never really wanted a motorcycle, due to various reasons. Until I was invited to tour around The Netherlands with my brother in-law. I was sold and wanted to ride myself. I started to have lessons with a friend of mine and I bought my first bike in May 2000.

I bought a Honda VFR-750F from 1994 (latest model with a 750cc engine) because it is a pretty fast bike with good handling. After a short test-drive I was convinced that a VFR would fit me rather well and I am still very pleased with the bike.

The following pictures were made in the summer of 2001 with a digital Sony camera. The first shot shows the dash of the bike.

VFR-750F dash

The fluids below the bike is just some water that dripped off, after the bike was cleaned. Fortunately, it's not dripping oil like my good old Volkswagen.

VFR-750F side-view

The picture shown below shows the exhaust and single-side suspension. A lot of people mount a different exhaust on the bike, because the standard exhaust hides the suspension.

VFR-750F exhaust

Although looking pretty aggressive, the VFR-750F is a rather a pretty smooth riding bike. It can be driven pretty fast, but it also a very nice bike for touring across the country.

VFR-750F front-side view

VFR-750F rear-side view

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