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As a real VW freak I should have visited Wolfsburg someday. Wolfsburg is the place where Volkswagen build its first factory. It was then called KdF-stadt, but after the war it was renamed to Wolfsburg. Early summer 2000, Volkswagen opened the theme park Autostadt. This park consists of several buildings, where all Volkswagen brands (VW,Audi,Skoda,etc...) are present. Of course I took some pictures and put them on the net.

The most interesting part of the park is Zeithaus, which is a car museum. Of course, this museum is primarily focused on the Volkswagen. The first prototypes of the Beetle are also present (i.e. the 1934 NSU prototype).

1934 NSU prototype

The first car looking like a Beetle (from 1938) is also present. One of the most beautiful Beetles is the Hebmuller convertible. Of course there is also one in Autostadt.

1949 Hebmuller convertible

My own Beetle is a 1950 model, so I was curious if there was also a 1950 model in Das Zeithaus. I wasn't disappointed. A very nice 1950 Type 11 was present (although it didn't had a ragtop).

VW Type 11 (1950)

The Stoll coupe is admired by a lot of people. I don't like it, because the Stoll coupe disrupts the beautiful round shape of the car.

Stoll coupe

Volkswagen's first Van (called Type 2) is a great car as well. Autostadt features a nice type 2 from 1952.

VW Type 2

Furthermore, the museum features a lot of prototypes of later Volkswagens and special editions of the Beetle, Golf, Porsche 356, etc... The latest prototype is Volkswagen's super-sport car called the W12 (featuring a 12-cylinder engine).

W12 prototype
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