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The homepage provides a general introduction about who I am, what I do and what I like

All lot of information and pictures of my 1950 Beetle and 2000 New Beetle.

Some pictures of my 1994 Honda VFR-750F

Some pictures of my 2004 Mazda 6 Executive (136bhp diesel)

Overview of my work experiences
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The photo gallery contains pictures of holidays, cars, etc...

Overview and downloads of some of my private software projects.

Personal information, such as my address, phonenumber, etc...
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Driving a 1951 bug
Beetle details
Pictures #1
Pictures #2

My 1951 Ragtop Beetle Deluxe

Since July 1999 I own a great 1951 Ragtop Beetle Deluxe, which was completely restored by the previous owner. The car is in excellent shape and you can read the entire story about this car in the special Beetle section of my homepage. The following pictures were made by the previous owner.

This picture shows the car from the left, which displays the ragtop nicely. If you look good to the rear window you can see the split oval window.

1951 Ragtop Beetle Deluxe

I'm still not sure what's the best side of the Beetle, but it's friendly nose is certainly one of them.

The Beetle's friendly nose

Of course the picture gallery wouldn't be complete without a picture of the split oval window.

Split rear window

When I drove back the Beetle back to Enschede and parked it at my parent's house.

Arrival in Enschede

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